Retractable Awnigs

“Shade Solutions for Outside Living”

Think Simplicity, Style, and Eco – Friendly Choices!

Create your dream outdoor living space with retractable awnings and shading solutions.

Whether automated or manual, Calshades has an awning for your lifestyle.

Calshades and Awnings offer the latest variety of innovative solutions such as hand-held remotes, wall switches, and motors. We can customize your awnings to the exact size and projection suitable to your spaces.

Retractable Awnings 101

Perhaps the most mysterious of all the awning products is a retractable version. Let us introduce you to benefits, convenience, functionality and value of the custom retractable products.

Q: Why purchase a custom retractable?

A: It is impossible for a mass manufactured product to achieve functionality, convenience, strength, quality and coverage without a custom design.  Surely, you have been exposed to a variety of advertisements for low quality imports that look and feel architecturally out of place.  In some advertisements, the homeowners look incarcerated by their awning and only allowed sitting room due to the limited range and flexibility of the mass manufactured product.

Q: What can be customized in a retractable?

A: Everything! –  We offer an array of designer fabrics, frame color options, folding arm systems, valance styles, automatic controls, mounting, size range and projections.

Q: Can my retractable awning be re-covered?

A: Yes. Depending on your space and how much sun exposure it receives, your awning will begin to lose its luster overtime. When time comes a re-cover could be a quick way to rejuvenate your outdoor room.

Q: How does a retractable system help with the energy saving?

A: Exterior products are very effective by preventing heat gain inside a building by preventing the sun from hitting the glass surfaces of a home. Retractables offer host of benefits including protection against harmful UV rays, fade protection for window coverings and furniture.

Q: What is the solution for an area that is already covered such as porches, sunrooms, and verandas?

A: Rollup screens are a very versatile solution that will allow the use of the covered areas during sun exposure. We have designed and installed rollup shades that complement outdoor living areas such as porches for many of our customers.