Crub Appeal

Curb Appeal is hard to describe and is a highly subjective term, however, you almost instantly know whether a house has got it. It sets the tone for an entire home and sends a message about its residents’ lifestyle.

Houses with “curb appeal” are easy to spot when driving. Those certain properties just make you slow down, stare, and wish that your house had that “curb appeal” power.

How to obtain that curbside charm, the warm and inviting façade, the delightful appeal, and the exterior good look for your home? Do you feel your property might be missing that “ooh and aah” feature?  Does the exterior of your home beg for a new life and a make over?

One of the fastest and energy efficient ways to give your home an instant facelift is to add awnings.  Stationary awnings over your windows could instantly make a huge impact and create that “awe inspiring” curb appeal. Awnings not only add an instant charm and soften the façade, but they also help show off the wood shutters.

With entrance awnings, you can really dress up your front doors. Get ready: the neighbors will be wishing to add some to their doors as well!

Do you know that curb appeal updates rank among the most popular home improvements?  Can you think of a reason why? Because creating curb appeal provides an excellent return on investment through potential higher resale value and an overall appeal to prospective buyers.

Residential awning fabrics have evolved. No longer are they simple, muted, and understated solids. Fabrics are available in array of vibrant colors, stripes, and designer valances.

It is important that awnings fit well and seamlessly coordinate with your home’s style and architecture.

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